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What are all the ways I can place snipes?

Here are all the ways you can place a snipe in our system:

Method Speed Description
Using Slam-It! toolbar Fastest Install the Slam-It toolbar from your snipe home page by dragging it to your toolbar. Then just click the toolbar icon any time you are on an eBay listing page.
Importing by Watch List. Medium While on the eBay listing page, click the "Add to Watch List" link under the price. Then click the IMPORT tab on your snipe home page.

Entering manually Slow

Fetch the item number by double-clicking the 12-digit item number in the eBay URL:

Or, you can fetch it from the bottom-right-hand corner of the eBay page:

Then put the item number and add your bid amount into the snipe form on your main home page and click ADD SNIPE.

From the search results Fast Go to the Searches tab, and enter a bid directly from the search results.