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BidSlammer How-To: Sniping for Collectors

How to complete your collection using eBay!

If you are like me, you rely on eBay to complete your collection. Here's a story about how I used a sniping service to complete a full collection of my favorites!

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to own a full set of spider-man comic books (issues 1 through 400). Last year, I got an itch to complete my full collection, as I already owned about 350 of them. So, I set out to eBay to purchase the remaining 50.

I quickly learned three things.

1. It is incredibly difficult to constantly seek out the items.
2. You can't win an auction unless you are *right there* at closing.
3. I overbid way too much (got emotional about winning).

Monitoring all this buying was getting old. I was about to give up, until I was referred to a pretty cool site (

Problem #1, too much surfing, was solved by using the search feature where I can enter up to 50 searches, and get notified of the results. I can bid right from the email on the items I want to that can manage hundreds of bids, not just a few. I could surf eBay, and place low bids on hundreds of items very easily, using their toolbar. If I saw an item I wanted, I placed a ridiculously low bid on it. Then I moved to the next one.

Problem #2, stalking, is solved by the fact that the bid is placed mere seconds before closing. No one has a chance to react that fast once they learn I want that item!

Problem #3, overbidding, is solved since I was out watching "Terminator 3" while my bid was being placed. I can't overbid if I'm not there.

Is it ethical? Well I had one seller tell me "I noticed you used sniping. I don't approve but I appreciate your bid nonetheless." I look at it differently though, as a buyer: If it wasn't for the existence of sniping programs, I wouldn't even bid on eBay. That's the bottom line.

Is it secure? Yes for bidslammer, but not the case with all services. Before you use a snipe service, make sure the user agreement says they will encrypt your eBay password.

Does the service miss? In several hundred snipes, it did not miss, although their user agreement says they do sometimes miss.

Should you try it? YES. Here is a link that will get you three free snipes at

Good luck bidding !

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